Creating A Trigger in PostgreSQL

We can use trigger to automate oerations, for example, preventing insertion of a record if certain condition is met. In this post, we show an example trigger function and its usage.

You Do Not Need a Plugin for This Feature

I saw from the repo awesome neovim1 a plugin that helps the user create the intermediate dir when they save a file. I wondered why this feature even needs a whole plugin? You can literally do this with a few lines of code.

Ctrl-left and Ctrl-right Not Working in macOS?

Recently, when I try to use Ctrl-left and Ctrl-right in Neovim, I found that they are not received by Neovim. I thought this is a Neovim issue. However, when I test these two shortcuts using cat in the terminal (I tried both Kitty and wezterm), it does not work either.

Benchmarking Your HTTP Service Using wrk

As a machine learning engineer/data scientist, after the model development process is finished, we need to deploy the model as a web service using different web frameworks. To achieve maximum performance and lower the hardware cost, we often need to optimize the speed our service, including TensorRT acceleration, config tuning, etc.

Learning SQL from Scratch(1): Do We Even Need to Start?

As a machine learning engineer who mainly deals with vision-based projects, I have little opportunity in my work to actually use SQL (Structured Query Language.). Even when I need it, I often just ask the data engineers for a favor.

However, I thought it would be an essential skill to learn even if I do not need it for now.

Lua Learning Notes

As a long time nvim user, I am learning Lua and slowly transition my nvim config to lua. In this script, I will share some tips and lessons I have learned the hard way.