Trying Git TUI Clients

If you are not accustomed to typing git commands on the command line, there are also some TUI clients for easing the use of git.

Pybind11 hands on

To accelerate the execution of some performance critical code, we can write the code in C++ with the help of pybind11 and export the C++ code as shared library1. Then we can import the shared library as a module and enjoy speed boost.

给 Hugo even 主题添加 utterances 评论系统

建立博客以来,试用了多款评论系统,不过最终还是用了 disqus,但是 disqus 令人讨厌的是默认添加很多烦人的广告,牛皮癣一样,而且在国内无法加载,必须翻墙才能显示。utterances 是一款基于 github issues 的评论系统,简洁,避免了 disqus 的广告以及加载问题。这篇文章总结如何给 Hugo-even 主题添加 utterances 评论系统。

Is GitHub Down Today?

On 2021-08-10 23:30 CST, I observed that I cannot push to my GitHub repo even with --force. After checking the GitHub status site, it seems that the GitHub API is down1. It is not the first time that GitHub is down. There has been several failure reports last year (2020), due to MySQL and other issues. At this moment, I have realized how much I and other developers around world are relying on this free service.