Git line ending config

This post is about how to set up Git so that people using different operating systems can work in the same repository, without messing up the line ending of source files.


For array type column, explode() will convert it to n rows, where n is the number of elements in the array. For map/dictionary type column, explode() will convert it to nx2 shape, i.e., n rows, 2 columns (for key and value).

Change Timezone in Databricks Spark

The Databricks cluster is using UTC as the default timezone. So when you run some time-related code, the displayed time is not the local time, which is not ideal. In this post, I want to share how to change the timezone setting for Databricks cluster.

Migrating from Packer.nvim to Lazy.nvim

TL;DR: Lazy.nvim is amazing. It is easy to switch and reduce your startup time immensely. Just try it!

I think Packer.nvim has been a revolutionary plugin manager after nvim 0.5. It introduces a lot of lazy loading techniques to speed up the startup process of Neovim.