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Why Doesn't Visdom Work Fine on CentOS?

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Today, I came across the open source project visdom and hope to use it in my future PyTorch project. I installed it on my Linux server and met with an issue that I have no way to deal with. I would like to share it in case someone also meet it.

After installing visdom successfully, I started to play with it. But I find that it can not work properly on my CentOS server. After a long time of loading, the final webpage do not contain the tool bar that normal visdom webpages would have.

In order to find the cause, I also installed one on my Windows computer and find that it works properly. So I added an issue on github.

After a while, a contributor to visdom responded. We started this nearly 2-hour journey to find what the hell was wrong. Finally, with the help of this kind and patient man, I find that it is because some of the javascript resources can not be loaded on my CentOS server. Why does not that happen on my Windows machine? I tried to switch off my proxy manager. Suddenly, visdom can not work on Windows too. So the root cause is that our great firewall has blokced some of resource addresses used by visdom. Plain and simple.

I love you, my great country. I have nothing to say.


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