Today when I use :checkhealth to check if there are anything wrong with my Neovim and related packages. I got an info that Python neovim package is not up to date. So I tried to update neovim with pip install --upgrade neovim. After that, when I openend Neovim, I got a strange error:

deoplete failed to load. try the updateremoteplugins command and restart neovim

I follow the guide and use :UpdateRemotePlugins command. Then I got another error saying that:

No module named “neovim”

In fact, neovim is already installed and conda list|grep neovim shows:

neovim 0.3.1

But, when I go to $ANACONDA_ROOT/Lib/site-packages, ls neovim* only shows the neovim egg info directory. There is acutually no package installed. That is the reason why neovim pacakge is not found.

I tried to unistall neovim and reinstall and the error was not gone. Installing the neovim package under user directory also does not work:

pip install --user neovim

Finally, I decided to do a complete uninstall and reinstall neovim. By complete uninstall, I mean to remove all dependency packages installed along with neovim. These dependency packages are:


After uninstalling these packages and reinstall neovim with pip install --no-cache-dir neovim, the error finally disappeared.