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Highlight Yanked Region in Nvim/Vim

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update (2020-09-19): update the settings for Nvim to reflect the latest changes in API.

In Vim or Neovim, showing the yanked region in color gives use visual feedback on what we have copied. Here is how you can highlight yanked region in Vim or Neovim.

For Neovim and vim

There is a plugin vim-highlightedyank for this, which works both for vim and Neovim. Install it with your favorite plugin manager and it just works. You can also adjust highlight duration by adding the following config:

" set highlight to 1000 ms
let g:highlightedyank_highlight_duration = 1000

Neovim only

If you are using the latest version of Neovim. They have make this little feature built-in in this pull request (see also :h lua-highlight).

Install the latest version of Neovim and add the following config to your init.vim:

augroup highlight_yank
    au TextYankPost * silent! lua vim.highlight.on_yank{higroup="IncSearch", timeout=700}
augroup END

The first parameter is the highlight group to use, and the second parameter is the highlight duration time measured in milliseconds.

Enjoy it. One more plugin to remove :)


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