IrfanView is a lightweight and fast image viewer for Windows. Here are some settings to make it more useful.

Auto-jump to next file after deleting current one

By default, IrfanView will not jump to next image if you delete current one. To enable this, click Options --> Properties/Settings... --> File Handling. Under the delete section, check the following box:

Jump to the next file after deleting/moving

Fit image to window size when viewing

When we are viewing images in a directory, it is annoying that window size changes as image sizes vary. To keep the window size and fit the image to window, go to View --> Display options (window mode) and choose Fit images to window.


Do not exit program when pressing ESC

By default, Irfanview will exit immediately if we press the ESC key when we are viewing an image, which is really annoying. To disable this behavior, go to Options --> Properties/Settings, in the popup window, click Start / Exit options. In the Exit options section, check the box Warning on ESC program exit. Do not forget to click OK button to save your settings.


Skip txt files when viewing files in a directory

By default, ifranview will also show text files, which is annoying. Here is how to disable this behavior. Go to Options -> Properties/Settings -> Extentions:

  • Check the boxes for the file extensions that we want irfanview to open
  • Select the option “Load only associated types while moving through directory”.