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IrfanView Settings

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IrfanView is a lightweight, fast and powerful image viewer for Windows. Here are some settings to make it more useful.

Auto-jump to next file after deleting current one

By default, IrfanView will not jump to next image if you delete the current one. To enable this, click Options --> Properties/Settings... --> File Handling. Under the delete section, check the following box:

Jump to the next file after deleting/moving

Fit image to window size when viewing

When we are viewing images in a directory, it is annoying that window size changes as image sizes vary. To keep the window size and fit the image to window, go to View --> Display options (window mode) and choose Fit images to window.


Do not exit program when pressing ESC

By default, Irfanview will exit immediately if we press ESC when we are viewing an image, which is really annoying. To disable this behavior, go to Options --> Properties/Settings, in the popup window, click Start / Exit options. In the Exit options section, check the box Warning on ESC program exit. Do not forget to click OK button to save your settings.


Skip txt files when viewing files in a directory

By default, ifranview will also show text files, which is annoying. Here is how to disable this behavior. Go to Options -> Properties/Settings -> Extentions:

  • Check the boxes for the file extensions that we want irfanview to open
  • Select the option “Load only associated types while moving through directory”.


Copy current image path quickly

When I check an image with irfanview, often I want to copy the image path to use in command line. Currently, I have to press i (show image properties), then copy the full image path. This is boring and cumbersome. I found from the irfanview forum the following AutoHotKey script to automate this process:

Click to show the code.
#NoEnv ; Recommended for performance and compatibility with future AutoHotkey releases.
SendMode Input ; Recommended for new scripts due to its superior speed and reliability.
SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir% ; Ensures a consistent starting directory.

; If IV is running, then the script will modify the key combination Ctrl+Shift+C to
; copy file path (oposed to set image as desktop background)

; OPTIONAL: Following code ensure that script terminates when IV close. Delete (or comment out)
; line 10 - 19 for letting the script run until manually stopped by user.
SetTimer, check_window, 500
IfWinNotExist, ahk_class IrfanView
TrayTip, "IrfanView check", IrfanView har being closed. Script terminate.
Sleep 3000
ExitApp, 1

; Ensures that hotkey manipulation works ONLY when IrfanView program window is active (most foremost)
#IfWinActive ahk_class IrfanView

WinWait, ahk_class IrfanView, , 5

if errorlevel
MsgBox, 0, venter  vindu, IrfanView ikke funnet  5 sekunder - avslutter
ExitApp, 1

; Remove any existing content on clipboard.
clipboard =

WinActivate, ahk_class IrfanView

Sleep 300

; Simulate key press "i" to open image properties dialog box (ipdb).
Send, i
WinWaitActive, IrfanView - Image properties, , 2

; If ipdb for some reason fail to open, user get an error message and script terminate.
if errorlevel
MsgBox, 0, Waiting, Image properties window didn't appear. Script terminates now.
ExitApp, 1

; Hit tab three times
Send, {TAB 3}
; COpy text (image path) to clipboard
; Waiting until clipboard contains data (in most cases this command could be ommitted without any effect)
; Quits the ipdb

; OPTIONAL - Make a tray tip (baloon) appear. User should be confident that image path is actually copied to clipboard
TrayTip, Image path:, %clipboard%, 4
Sleep 4000

HideTrayTip() {
    TrayTip  ; Attempt to hide it the normal way.
    if SubStr(A_OSVersion,1,3) = "10." {
        Menu Tray, NoIcon
        Sleep 200  ; It may be necessary to adjust this sleep.
        Menu Tray, Icon


First, we need to install autohotkey. Save the above script in a directory and name it copy_im_path_irfanview.ahk. Open the irfanview window, then double click the script file to run this script.

When you are viewing an image, press Ctrl-Shift-C to copy the image path. A tooltip will also pop up on the bottom right corner to show the image path copied. Unfortunately, Ctrl-shift-C is also used by Irfanview to set the desktop wallpaper. You may want to change to other shortcut (change the line ^+c:: to what you want, for example ^!C::, i.e., Ctrl-Alt-C1).

  1. See [] on how speical keys such Ctrl, Alt are represented in AutoHotKey. ↩︎


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