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Find Which Font is Used in A PDF

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Sometimes, we are interested in which font is used for the main text in a PDF. How do we find out?

Use Adobe Acrobat PDF reader

Open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat and go to File --> Properties, under the Fonts tab page, a list of fonts embedded in in the document are listed there.

However, there does not seem to be an option to view the font used by a specific text in the document.

You can check the fonts whose encoding is Custom and look them up on Google to see which one is what you want.

Use pdffonts

We can also use pdffonts from the poppler package. First, we need to install poppler, I won’t go into detail here, check this post for the details.

After that, we can run pdffonts to find the interested fonts. It helps to narrow to the page where the text occurs. For example, if we want to find font for page 2, run the following command:

# -f: start page
# -l: end page
pdffonts -f 2 -l 2 test.pdf

This will greatly narrow down the range of fonts. You can then quickly find which font the text uses.



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