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Agile and Scrum

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Work Agile Scrum
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This is my learning notes for Agile and Scrum.


Jira is just one of many tools or platforms for agile working approach.

Hierarchy: Topic —> Epic —> User Story —> tasks —> sub-tasks

User story is just a fancy and templated way to describe a feature for the product.

Story points (a measure of the amount work, complexity and also uncertainty involved in a user story).

The scrum process: planning, building, testing, review, retrospective.

MVP: In Agile development, it usually stands for minimum viable product.

difference between Sprint review and retrospective.

  1. topic is different: review talks about the product, it will check the output of the sprint, and discuss how to make the product better, retrospective talks how to make the team work better
  2. people attending is different: in review, the stakeholders will also join, but in retrospective, only the team and PO attend
  3. the outcome: for review, the outcome is like what changes will be made to the product, what changes to make in the product backlog etc. but for retrospective, the outcome may be what changes to made to the team, what tools to add etc. to make the team work more efficiently.

Relationship between PO (product owner) and the development team?

The Product Owner and Scrum Master participate on the team as a servant leader and peer to the rest of the team. The Product Owner has no authority over the Development Team. But this role represents stakeholders with a particular political “weight” in the organization

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