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Nerdfont Icon Missing after Wezterm Upgrade

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When I upgrade wezterm from April release to July release, I noticed that some of the unicode icons in my neovim config are shown as box.


I checked the wezterm repo and it introduced some breaking changes for handling Nerd Fonts in this commit. This adjustment is needed to deal with the breaking changes in Nerd Fonts v3.0.0.

The code points for some icons is changed. The complete list can be found in this comment. You can replace the old obsolete icon manually based on the translation table, or you can use nerdfix to help you accelerate the process.


nerdfix check /path/to/your/file/with/nerd-icons

It will indicate the obsolete icons/characters in your file and point out possible replacements. Inside wezterm, you can press Ctrl + Shift + U to invoke the wezterm character finder to find good replacement.

You can also use nerdfix fix /path/to/your/file/with/nerd-icons to fix the issue interactively.



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