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How to Extract PDF file on macOS

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To extract pdf pages from several files, we can use the open source tool qpdf.

First we can install qpdf using homebrew:

brew install qpdf

Suppose you want to extract page 1-2 from A.pdf, page 1 from B.pdf and page 3-4 from C.pdf, you can run the following command:

qpdf --empty --pages A.pdf 1-2 B.pdf 1 C.pdf 3-4 -- output.pdf

--empty means there is no input pdf, we are trying to produce a new PDF from existing ones. Between --page and final --, we can specify multiple PDF files with range, password info in this format:

filename [--password=password] [page-range]

Both password and page-range is optional. If you don’t specify the page range, it will take the whole pdf. For more details, run the following command on command line:

qpdf --help=page-selection



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