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How to Profile Your Python Script/Module

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In my previous post, I shared how to profile a single function using line_profiler. In this post, I want to share how to profile Python script/module and visualize the profile stat to pinpoint the slow part of the code.

Generate the raw profiling stat

In Python, we can use cProfile to generate the raw profile result:

python -m cProfile -o {script_name}.prof {your_script}.py [script_argument]

The -o options tells cProfile to generate a profile stat file, which is in binary format and not human readable. In order to interpret the profiling stat easily, we need to install some tools to visualize the result.

static profile graph generation


flameprof can generate a flame graph in SVG format. It is not actively maintained anymore.

pip install flameprof
flameprof > output.svg


gprof2dot can generate a directed call graph for your script with their running time.

pip install gprof2dot
gprof2dot -f pstats | dot -Tsvg -o output.svg

interactive profile graph generation


snakeviz can also generate flamegraph from cProfile stat. It also has great interactive UI to explore the profiling result.

pip install snakeviz


Tuna is like snakeviz, but it claims to solve some of the limitation of snakeviz. The UI is less polished compared to snakeviz, though.


py-spy can work with speedscope to generate flamegraph.

pip install py-spy
# on macOS, needs sudo to run py-spy
sudo py-spy record --format speedscope -r 500 -F -o output.speedscope python
chown -R {your-user-name} output.speedscope
# use speedscope to open the file,

py-spy can also profile the running program without interrupting it.


pyinstrument is another tool you can use to generate profiling graph. You can directly show the result in terminal:

pip install pyinstrument

You can also generate other output format:

pyinstrument -r html

# or generate speedscope file, then inspect with speedscope
pyinstrument -r speedscope



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