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Debugging Wezterm Issues

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A short summary on how to debug Wezterm issues.

use the logging function

Wezterm provides three logging functions which you can use for logging:

Use the debug overlay

We can press Ctrl + shift + l to active the ShowDebugOverlay feature. If there are some errors running your Wezterm configuration, they will be printed out.

You can use ESC to close the debug overlay.

launch wezterm from a shell

You can also directly start the wezterm application from the command line. After running wezterm, it will launch another wezterm window. Any errors when running your configuration will be shown in the shell where you run wezterm.

On macOS, if Wezterm is installed via Homebrew, the executable wezterm is available for the shell. If Wezterm is installed manually, the executable is under /Applications/


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