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Migrating from Packer.nvim to Lazy.nvim
··651 words·4 mins
Pylsp setup for Neovim in 2023
··1020 words·5 mins
Work with JSON File in Neovim
·299 words·2 mins


How to Override Default Options in Neovim
··191 words·1 min
I read the nvim v0.8 release note so you do not have to
·877 words·5 mins
You Do Not Need a Plugin for This Feature
··424 words·2 mins
Nvim 0.7.2 Released
··253 words·2 mins
How to Match Non-greedily in Nvim/Vim
·120 words·1 min
A Curated List of File Explorers for Nvim
·292 words·2 mins


Using Neovim after Three Years -- A Retrospect
··2403 words·12 mins