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01-14 Selected Questions from LinkedIn Git Assessment
01-09 Why do We Use LogSumExp in Machine Learning?
01-09 How to Squash Last N Commits in Git?
01-03 Customize Your GitHub Profile


12-31 Using Neovim for Three Years
12-25 How to Extract Key Frames from A Video with FFmpeg
12-25 Download Files to Local Storage in iPad
12-23 Using STL Containers with pybind11
12-21 Sort lines based on a column in Vim/Nvim
12-16 Process video in a certain time range with FFmpeg?
12-12 回顾我的手机换代史
12-12 【2021 年】iPad 安装 Shadowrocket
12-01 Migration from Nvim 0.5.1 to Nvim 0.6.0
11-28 How I Manage My Personal Blog
11-27 Git Learning Notes (4)
11-22 Nifty Nvim/Vim Techniques That Make My Life Easier -- Series 11
11-20 Fuzzy-switching Tmux Sessions with Ease
11-17 事情经常是 Now or Never
11-13 小米平板 5 Pro 体验
11-10 Audio Processing Using FFmpeg
11-04 PyAV for video processing
10-31 《天朝的崩溃》
10-24 Using Diffs in Vim
10-24 Git Diff Setup
10-20 Find Which Font is Used in A PDF
10-20 Scheduling Your Tasks with Package Apscheduler
10-16 Why Use Cross Entropy in Classification Task?
10-06 Setting up Yasnippet for Emacs
09-30 Customize Tabline in Emacs
09-22 中秋贵阳重庆行
09-15 Straight.el Bootstrap and Package Install Issue
09-12 Learning Emacs as A Nvimmer in One Day
09-11 Trying Git TUI Clients
09-09 Using Virtual Text in Neovim
09-05 老北京炸酱面制作
09-03 Integer Literal Type and Overflow In C++
08-29 GNU Make FAQ
08-20 问题根源是什么?
08-17 Pybind11 hands on
08-15 给 Hugo even 主题添加 utterances 评论系统