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10-20 Find Which Font is Used in A PDF
10-20 Scheduling Your Tasks with Package Apscheduler
10-06 Setting up Yasnippet for Emacs
09-30 Customize Tabline in Emacs
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09-12 Learning Emacs as A Nvimmer in One Day
09-11 Trying Git TUI Clients
09-09 Using Virtual Text in Neovim
09-05 老北京炸酱面制作
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08-29 GNU Make FAQ
08-20 问题根源是什么?
08-17 Pybind11 hands on
08-15 给 Hugo even 主题添加 utterances 评论系统
08-15 macOS Operation Not Permitted?
08-12 Setting up sumneko lua for Nvim-lsp
08-11 Is GitHub Down Today?
08-09 macOS 上常用工具
08-06 Configure Windows Terminal in 2021
08-02 The YouTube Content ID system
07-24 基于内容的视频检索/视频指纹的应用
07-24 向量搜索引擎/工具
07-24 Show Git Diff When Doing Git Commit
07-20 Delete Keys Matching A Pattern with py-redis-cluster
07-11 From vim-plug to Packer.nvim
07-10 快排(quick sort) C++ 实现
07-04 Cpp Container/Adapter and Common Structure CheatSheet
07-04 Static and Dynamic Linkage in C++
07-04 Pretty Output Format in C++
07-03 Install Clangd on CentOS 7
07-03 Empty Entry in LD_LIBRARY_PATH May Lead to Security Issues
06-28 A Guide on Squashing Commits with git-rebase
06-24 小米9 MIUI 12 系统开机界面无限重启
06-20 电视盒子:当贝 B3 Pro 使用体验
06-17 Nifty Nvim/Vim Techniques That Make My Life Easier -- Series 10
06-13 安卓外贸电视盒子体验
06-11 Serving Concurrent Requests for LibreOffice Service
06-11 Excel Processing using Pandas
05-31 How to Merge PDF Files